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Scotch-Brite Premium Kitchen Cloth, Colors May Vary, 1-Count (Pack of 3)


The Scotch-Brite microfiber kitchen cloth, unique micro texture cloth cleans dishes, wipes countertop surfaces, collects crumbs and debris, wrings easily, dries quickly lightweight, effortless kitchen cleaning cloth.
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Digital Concepts Rapid Charger with 4 2700 mAH AA Batteries For The Samsung GX-1L, GX-1S Digital Cameras


Why wait? This iConcepts rapid charger is the perfect solution for those that can’t wait overnight to charge there batteries. Four long life 2700 mAH batteries included.
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Your Business in 2013 – Top Tips


Fed up with just getting by in your business? Fed up with working too hard for too little return? Time to make some changes and approach your business in a different way.Time to get your business working for you and time to start making a profit from your business.To achieve this, you do not need to make massive changes in your business starting tomorrow. You probably just need to make small changes but an important thing is to make the changes permanent and stick to them. Work consistently utilising these small changes in your business every day.Attracting new business or generating leads…Do you need to have a consistent number of letters being sent out promoting your business, followed by consistent telemarketing to generate appointments. If so, start with creating your list of prospects, cleaning it up and sending the letters. Only send out as many as you can actually follow up each week. Sending any more is a waste of money.How is your online presence? What does it say about you? Have you embraced technology and are you using the web to generate business for you. At the very minimum, you need to have an online presence that represents you well.There are about 50 different strategies to attract new customers to your business. Have 3-4 working well at any point for you.Once a potential customer contacts you, how well do react to their requirements. How well do your team react. How many of these prospects do you actually convert to customers. This is the single biggest improvement area that every business owner should concentrate on in 2013. Reason: Its free to improve and you get a double benefit in that any improvement you make here improves your return from any marketing investment you make.The single biggest improvement you can make in 2013 will be in how your team work in your business. How well could they do their jobs if they received some training. How much better able to converse with customers if they were shown the correct way. How well can they sell versus take orders from customers?Simple sales training for 30 minutes per week will improve your sales and profits. Can you plan this training and deliver it on a consistent basis for 1 year? If you knew that just by doing this you could grow your business by 20% would you do it?This is what business is about – planning and doing small things on a consistent basis throughout the year and measuring the effectiveness of each approach every week.Start with your list of improvements today. If you need help, call me.